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Navigating the vegan market: trends, opportunities, and the rise of the Vegan Trademark

It goes without saying that the vegan food and drinks market is booming. In 2019, almost a quarter of all new UK food products launched were labelled as vegan, leading to increased uptake, interest, and accessibility – but also competition. Who is the typical vegan consumer? And how can you ensure that your vegan products don’t get lost in this tidal wave of innovation?

Insight and Commercial Policy Officer, Louisianna, will take you through key trends within the vegan market, discussing future opportunities for businesses along the way. Alongside her, Trademark Events & Communications Officer, Neneh, will give you an in-depth overview of the Vegan Trademark – the process of registration and of course the benefits it brings to your business.



Charity-and-TM-Logos .jpg

Neneh Buswell - Trademark Events and Communications Officer

Louisianna Waring - Insight and Commercial Policy Officer

Staying Close to Home

Panel discussion and Q&A

Join the panel as they discuss staying close to home when it comes to sourcing your products. Local sourcing is good for local suppliers and your local community, simpler in terms of travel, development and management, helpful in tapping into local preference and specialisms, good for PR and can result in shorter, simplified supply chains, delivery times and lower costs.

We’ll also take a look at potential drawbacks, how you can mitigate them and what is meant by local sourcing. Does it match and deliver the consumer’s expectations? We’ll discuss how to form positive, mutually-beneficial, long term relationships and how to ensure efficiencies when working to smaller economies of scale.


Sarah Daniels - Proudly Norfolk

Mark Bury - Food and Drink Devon, Owner of Eversfield Organics

Henrietta Green - British Charcuterie Live



Ethical sourcing, a masterclass with Oxfam and The Fairtrade Foundation

Oxfam’s policy is to purchase goods a that are produced and delivered ethically and that have the least negative impact on climate change and the environment. The Fairtrade Foundation addresses the injustices of conventional trade, which traditionally discriminates against the poorest, weakest producers. It enables them to improve their position and have more control over their lives.

Join us at this masterclass to learn about how you can take simple steps to ensure that you’re making better, ethical sourcing choices and The Fairtrade Foundation will give an introduction to their certification programme so take notes of any follow-up questions you’d like to focus on at their later Q&A session.


Sara Cunnew - Buying Manager Oxfam

Rachael Morey -  sustainable supply chain manager Oxfam

Eleanor Deans - Partnership Manager 

Fairtrade Foundation

Bridget Cuttell - Partner Marketing Manager

Fairtrade Foundation


Fairtrade Foundation.png

How mastering data can increase operational efficiencies, save money and improve the customer experience, a masterclass by GS1 UK

How mastering data can increase operational efficiencies, save money and improve the customer experience. Data is the new oil. It may not be sexy, and is often overlooked, but it drives everything we do in our digital first world. Never has this been more true than in light of the coronavirus pandemic, which has dramatically increased the frequency of online shopping and the pressures on supply chains.

Join us for this masterclass, to learn the foundations of good master data management, and how getting your data right can reduce bottom line costs, increase efficiencies and build consumer trust. 


Jacky Broomhead - Senior Engagement Manager GS1 UK


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Love Seafood – a journey to influence consumer hearts and minds. 

Facing an ongoing and steady decline in consumption of any product category is challenging, but not insurmountable. As a public body, working right at the heart of a thriving industry, we’ve identified a gap where long-term strategy can reignite a UK passion for seafood. We’re also aware that, all of a sudden, the world looks quite different, so we need to balance our strategic goals with effective and relevant short-term activity.

In this session, I’m going to talk about the Seafish approach to the long and short of consumer marketing – or ‘Bothism’, if you’re a trendy marketeer. I’ll touch on recent work we’ve carried out across insight, measurement and audience planning in our mission to positively shift a generation of attitudes towards seafood. 


Greg Smith - Head of Marketing Seafish


Deposit Return Schemes and drinks container recycling in the UK

Lewis will provide an overview of the development of Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) policies across the UK and the timelines for different governments introducing such schemes.


He will outline what the soft drinks industry has been doing to prepare and explain what is likely to be expected of individual brands and retailers in the coming months and years.



Lewis van Diggele - Public Affairs Manager

British Soft Drinks Association

A conversation with Kevin Plant, Retail Operations Director at Scotmid Co-Op

Product Guru CEO, Simon Coyle talks to Kevin Plant, Director of Retail Operations at Scotmid Co-Op. Kevin heads up Scotmid’s food business, comprising of 177 Scotmid convenience stores and 9 Lakes & Dales stores. Kevin has a leadership team of 5 and a remit to deliver an ever-improving customer shopping experience, being operationally efficient and financially viable. The wider Scotmid group also operates 89 SemiChem stores, a funeral business and an extensive property division.

Simon and Kevin discuss how Scotmid Co-Op operates in the UK, Scotmid's success in a challenging retail environment and Scotmid's buying relationship works with the Co-Op and opportunities to supply Scotmid directly. They go on to talk about the differences between supplying convenience stores and supplying the supermarket groups and what Scotmid looks for in a supplier. Kevin gives some advice on where he believes there are opportunities for suppliers and what he thinks will drive consumer behaviours in the coming years. With that in mind, they'll also chat about how Scotmid proactively searches out new products and predict trends for the future.


Kevin Plant - Retail Operations Director

Scotmid Co-Op

Simon Coyle - CEO & Founder

Product Guru


A conversation with Bahram (Baz) Saidieh,

Global Head at The Unilever Foundry

The Foundry is Unilever’s global collaborative innovation platform. Working with pioneering start-ups, the initiative was created to identify and accelerate partnership opportunities on a global scale, using combined creativity and expertise to unleash disruptive innovation. 

In this session, Simon and Baz discuss how The Unilever Foundry operates and develops strong partnerships with challenger brands to drive innovation.


Bahram (Baz) Saidieh

Global Head The Unilever Foundry


Unilever Foundry.jpg

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