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A virtual exhibition works the same way as a physical exhibition, except that you can add your products, provide up-to-date information and answer questions from visitors from your computer or phone.

Your booth will be available to populate about 10 days before the event.

So, until then, what can you do to prepare in advance?

Firstly, you'll need a Product Guru account. Product Guru is the company running The Pantry Live. You can learn more about us here. You'll use your account to upload products to your virtual exhibition booth.

Already got a Product Guru account? Great! Log in to check:

- Have you added all your products?
- Is your commercial information up-to-date?
- Have you added high-quality imagery?
- Have you told us about your certifications?

All this information can be automatically uploaded to your booth when it's available.

No Product Guru account yet? No problem! Create one for free.


It'll only take a couple of minutes to set up and then log in to add: 

- Your brand information.
- Product details including descriptions, commercial information (eg. RRP, unit costs, order quantities) and certifications.
- High quality imagery that will attract buyers to click on your products.

All this information can be automatically uploaded to your booth when it's available.

By uploading your product information in advance, you're also helping us figure out if you're a match with the buyers taking part in our Meet Your Match Product Pitch sessions. If you are a match, we'll be in touch with arrangements before the event.

P.S Don't worry, your commercial info is for buyers' eyes only.

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Display your products in your virtual exhibition booth and add any information or marketing materials you’d like to share. Retail buyers will browse your booth, just like they would at a trade show, and can contact you to request samples or to talk more about your products.


Open Book

We bring the best in the Food & Drink industry straight to your laptop.

Make the most this two-day digital experience, by hearing from industry experts, submitting questions to our key partners and discussing the latest industry trends from leading retailers


Digital Work Life

We champion retailers large and small, from all backgrounds and experiences. You’ll also meet buyers and retail experts from across the industry including smaller, independent brands through to large multiple retailers. They want to see your products, hear what you have to say and help you get your products onto shelves.