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We know you might be camera shy, but don't miss a single opportunity to talk to buyers as they view your booth. Buyers have told us it's what they want to see.

So, create a short video to introduce your brand and tell the story of your products. The video should last about 30 seconds and you can record it on your phone, if you want. Consider including:

- Who you are and what your brand does

- Details of your products

- Why your products are special

When you're ready to film:

- Don't overthink it!

- Know in advance what you're going to say

- Maintain good eye contact with the camera lens

- Sit or stand comfortably

- Relax your shoulders and arms

- Speak at a steady pace

- Imagine you're having a conversation with someone to help you relax

- Remember, if you make a mistake, you can start again

- Be yourself

- Smile and be confident!

You'll be able to add your video to your booth when the exhibition opens for set up.

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